Visiting Beautiful Bangladesh

Bangladesh is not the most popular travel destination, but those who venture here are rewarded by a beautiful culture and welcoming people. Bangladesh used to be known as the East Bengal during British Period in Sub-continent, and later became know as East Pakistan during the Pakistani Regime in Bangladesh. Finally the current Bangladesh was established as an independent country through the liberation war in 1971 and with the sacrifice of 30m people. Their mother language is Bengali and many people in cities speaks English.

Bangladesh could be an adorable place to those travelers who loves to explore historical places or new culture with rich heritage or just love natural beauty. The culture dates back to thousands of years and the country has much to offer visitors. It has the world’s longest beach, many mosques, a large mangrove forest, and many tribal villages. There is also interesting wildlife for those with the patience to seek it out.


Flights to Bangladesh are generally affordable if you book in advance. Average flight to Bangladesh could cost you £400 – £500 per person return. Flight price gets up during the vacation periods in summer, winter and during the Eid period. Domestic flight are very much affordable, but you have to book in advance to make sure tickets are available during the dates you want to fly. Only limitation is domestics flight runs among 8-10 major cities of Bangladesh.

In road, Bus communication is very affordable and some luxurious buses are travelling to most cities for comfortable journey. Most Long distance journeys are operated by bus during the night time, so this is a advantage you can take by travelling at night and you can sleep at the bus while travelling and you can use the day for exploring.


Shopping in Bangladesh requires a significant amount of negotiation, even in places where prices are marked as “fixed”. There are many places to pick up local handicrafts or souvenirs. Aarong is one of the largest outlets in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and Khulna. Bangladesh is also one of the biggest ready-made garment manufacturers in the world. They export clothing for many brands including Nike, Adidas and Levis. While most of these goods are exported, some can be found in shopping areas like Banga Bazaar and Dhaka College.

Top Tourist Attractions

The Sundarbans:

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the largest littoral mangrove belt in the world. It covers 80 kilometers and goes through both Bangladesh and India. The area also has some of the last remaining sections of jungle that once covered the Gangetic plain. Today it is a wildlife sanctuary.

Cox’s Bazar:

This town sits along the longest stretch of sea beach in the world. Covering 120 kilometers of coastline, the gold sand makes this the most popular beach town in Bangladesh. There are high end hotels and many restaurants that are crowded during the peak season between October and March.

St Martin’s Island:

This is the only coral island in Bangladesh. It’s a quintessential tropical island that is lined with coconut palms and a mellow atmosphere. It’s a clean and relaxed place to visit and is located in the Chittagong Division about 10 kilometers southwest of the southern tip of the mainland.

Kua Kata:

Small island with panoramic view. Best place to see sun rise and sun sets in clear eyes.

Tea Garden in Sylhet: